Trace heating of short, complex piping systems and long pipe lines, storage vessels, tanks, pumps, valves and associated equipment.


Trace heating of pipes, storage vessels, pumps and valves for both process maintenance and frost protection.

Construction industry

 – Hot water temperature maintenance, frost protection of exposed water pipes including chillers, AHU’s and sprinkler system frost protection.
– The heating of ramp and road sections, external stair treads, walkways and fire escapes.
– Ice and snow prevention to roof valleys, gutters and downpipes.
– Underfloor heating systems.
– Leak detection systems for water, chemicals, fuels, oil, solvents, float switches and probes, refrigerants and gasses.
– Water supply monitoring – BREEAM compliant


Trace heating of pipes, storage vessels, pumps and valves for both process maintenance and frost protection.


Trace heating of pipes and equipment to maintain required temperatures of rigs, sodium loops and bolt heaters.


Heating of drip trays, drain lines defrosting, frost heave protection of cold room floors, anti-condensation heaters.


Trace heating on road tankers, outlet pipes, anti-condensation heaters on ships and trawler decks.


Trace heating anti-condensation heaters for domestic condensate boilers, frost protection of loft tanks and pipe work, under floor heating and drive / ramp heating.


Trace heating of water and instrument lines for the prevention of frost damage. Anti-freezing systems for gas holder water seals. Condensation prevention and frost heave protection of LNG tanks.


Trace heating of pipes, storage vessels, valves and pumps. Long line transfer pipe lines, boiler and burner fronts. In some applications, specialist solutions can include internal tracing of pipelines.

Water & Sewage

Trace heating of rigid pipes, tanks, vessels, pumps, valves, safety showers and flexible lines.

Mechanical Handling, Hopper Heating

Trace heating of bag filters, conveyors, ducting, reactors and silos.

Cryogenic Storage

Trace heating of tanks and vessels including frost heave prevention for storage tanks.

Power Generation

Trace heating of pipe lines, tanks and vessels to protect from frost and maintain process flow temperatures in heavy fuel oil lines, transfer lines, burner fronts, jetties, balance of plant and boilers.

Food, Beverage and Confectionery

Trace heating of pipes, tanks and nozzles to maintain flow temperatures for temperature sensitive products.

General Engineering

Trace heating of pipes, tanks and vessels for frost protection and process maintenance. Curing of products via oven heaters, autoclave heating.

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