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Welcome to Delta 'T' (Trace Heating) Limited

Established in 1978, Delta ‘T’ (Trace Heating) Limited are a dedicated, specialist Electric Trace Heating engineering company, designing and installing trace heating systems in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our dedication to electric trace heating, allows us to independently design and install the most suitable trace heating system to match customer requirements.

With nearly 40 years experience of successfully providing major trace heating systems across many industrial and construction sectors, Delta ‘T’ ensures that all designs not only meet all technical and operational requirements but provide a trouble free and well integrated installation by our understanding and managing of the necessary interfaces on site.

Industrial Trace Heating
Industrial Trace Heating

Temperature maintenance and / or frost protection of pipes, tanks, storage vessels or hoppers.  Fully engineered and integrated systems.

Commercial Construction Domestic
Commercial | Construction | Domestic

Our engineered systems are the ideal solution for applications such as: frost protection, hot water temperature maintenance, ramp heating, underfloor heating and leak detection systems.

Trace Heating Maintenance and Heat Up
Trace Heating Frost Protection
Trace Heating Maintenance and Heat Up

Temperature maintenance and / or frost protection of pipes, tanks, storage vessels or hoppers. Fully engineered and integrated systems.It is essential that the materials and equipment to be installed meet both the design and environment criteria in which they are required to work.

Trace Heating Frost Protection

Frost or freeze protection of charged water pipe work is a necessity for all critical water services and exposed pipe work. Thermal insulation alone is no guarantee against water or water based products freezing during winter.

Hazardous Area and Specialist Applications
Hot Water Maintenance
Hazardous Area and Specialist Applications

We design / supply / install / commission / maintain / audit, ATEX approved trace heating systems, for a vast array of industries and applications. We also undertake design studies and site inspections for existing installations to ensure compliance with all current legislation and conformance to site specific zonal and ‘T’ class requirements, product approvals and specific site haz-opps.

Trace Heating Hot Water Maintenance

Instant hot water from every tap by using highly energy efficient Electrical Trace Heating. Self regulating cables have been successfully employed for many years to give just that, in hospitals, schools, sports stadia, prisons, hotels, offices and apartments.

Leak Detection and Water Monitoring
Ramp and Stair Heating
Leak Detection and Water Monitoring

Water and oil leaks in the wrong places causes, downtime, disruption and costly damage. Water leaks from services and central heating piping systems, air conditioning units and oil leaks in tank rooms are common.

Ramp and Stair Heating

During the winter months access to exposed emergency exits, entrance ramps and stairways can become a problem due to snow and ice. Potential delays, lost business, vehicle accidents and personal injury can all result if ramps and stair ways cannot be maintained ice free at all times.

Underfloor Heating
Roof Gutter Heating
Underfloor Heating

Electrical under floor heating is not new. What is new is the level of comfort, flexibility of installation and controllability offered by the systems adopted by Delta ‘T’. Our range of products offers systems suitable for direct installation under most floor types (tile, wood, laminate and carpet).

Roof and Gutter Heating

During winter months, roofs, gutters and down pipes can become blocked by snow and ice, resulting in excess loads on roof structures. During thaw, excess water flows to overhangs, gutters and down pipes, where it can be obstructed by existing snow or ice and/or refreeze. As a result, standing water often infiltrates roofing, causing costly damage to the building structure.


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